At the same time of ECSA sports week 2018 team of two French customs officers, Julien Robert and Cyrille Bon, left from Tourcoing on 24th of August 2018 for a two weeks bike trip as a part of celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the EU. 

julien and cyrille 01

During these two weeks Julien and Cyrille cycled 100 km average per day crossing Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany to Denmark where the final destination was in city of Copenhagen. 

julien and cyrille 02

Julien made the trip with parasports bike (using his arms only).


Julien and Cyrille cycled over 1.200 km in less then 2 weeks with 80 kg load of equipment with them. They did this to raise money for a charity helping people with a handicap to access sports.

julien and cyrille 03