It was a tagged bunch of Swedes who arrived to Prague Airport around noon the first day of competition. At the airport we were met by ECSA's president who is also the Czech Mr. Jan Hlinka. With full control, immense hospitality and lots of laughter, he took care of us throughout the event.

The organizers had arranged bus transportation from the airport northbound towards the more hilly landscape around the town of Teplice (less than 2 hours route). In addition to us Swedes were representatives from Belgium, Poland, Lithuania and the Czech Republic with on the bus.

After registration and payment for Board and lodging (65 euros), it was time for the first of three races over the weekend, an English mile (1.6 km). David had arranged the purchase and printing of large joint jerseys Swedish squad seemed good in the line-up, which consisted of about 90 runners half of them from the Czech Republic.

First the girls ran a race, and then it was the boys ' tour. The competition was fierce this year. We found that the British runner who was the fastest in years only reached 6th place. The races had classes (K, K40, M, M40 and M50), and Sweden was 4 and 3 seconds from the podium in the classes M and M40.

Mile-race was held on a tough back loop in a dense beech forest adjacent to the hotel. The loop run three laps in 28 degree heat. Most ran slower on this mile than the mil race the next day in spite of the fact that the mil race had 260 meters of altitude (4 turns with 65 meters per lap).

After mile race, it was time for dinner, a tour of the town of Teplice, and a few hours of sleep before the next day's races. The guest rooms at Hotel Panorama can be described as fastidious purely ornamental.

Well the purpose of the weekend wasn't that lie inside the room and doing nothing, it was the opposite, movement and socializing! On Saturday morning it was time for the main course, 10 km, it would run four laps on a forest trail that was about 2.5 km long. Forest loop was not gracious and began with a very steep slope. When, for the fourth time ascended this monster to Hill, was anything but pale in the face but more like a tomato. However, it was a nice loop and good basis to run on, and of course a great feeling to cross the finish line where drink and recovery expected.

We took in this race the best placements. David was actually defending champion and Kenneth was 2nd in the M40 (four total). The race was held for the 32nd time, however on a new course, so David is now holder of the course record.

After lunch and even sausage grilling an hour after lunch for those that requested it was time for the final Knockout competition that run two laps in the heats of four runners on an 80 m course around signs and cones.

After the first lap knocked a runner out, and after the second lap knocked another one out. The two remaining met runners from second heat until a winner was crowned. Balloting was used for heat. There was much discussion about track selection and tactics. Knockout competition was no big Swedish branch. Best did Jonas who survived two sprints. The best got Sprint eight times. On the women's side needed five pins to decide a winner. After the end of the competition, it was time for the buffet. Food was laid off and the award ceremonies were held.

The Norwegian delegation had not won any athletics competitions as their goal was to win the party by, offering drinks and make sure it played music to get us on the dance floor.

Much of the proceeds were to meet with all these people and on more or less good English hang out and talk about similarities and differences in each country. We would like to thank the ECSA, the Czech Customs authority and Swedish sport federations which made it possible for us to participate in this arrangement.

Moreover, the organizers welcomed Sweden back next year with the words "Bring lots of Vikings next year ".

Many Thanks from Team Sweden

Road Cycling championship Derbyshire, United Kingdom 22 - 24.9.2016
Golf Championship Rome, Italy 19 - 22.9.2016
Running event Teplice, Czech Republic 2 - 4.9.2016
100th Nijmegen 4 days marches Nijmegen, Netherlands 19 - 22.7.2016
Six a side football tournament Reims, France 19 - 21.5.2016
20km of Brussels Brussels, Belgium 29.5.2016
International Table Tennis Tournament Otwock, Poland 12 - 15.5.2016
Ski Customs Championship (Settimana Bianca) Italy 28.2. - 6.3.2016
Volleyball Tournament Szolnok, Hungary 13 - 14.11.2015
Marathon Košice, Slovakia 4.10.2015
Tenpin bowling Tournament Heathrow, United Kingdom 18.9.2015
Road Cycling championship Suffolk, United Kingdom 16 - 19.9.2015
Running event Bohemia, Czech Republic 4 - 6.9.2015
Nijmegen 4 days marches Nijmegen, Netherlands 21 - 24.7.2015
Shooting competition Vilnus, Lithuania 25 - 26.6.2015
20km of Brussels Brussels, Belgium 31.5.2015
International Table Tennis Tournament Otwock, Poland 20 - 24.5.2015
Ski Customs Championship (Settimana Bianca) Italy 1 - 8.3.2015
Basketball Tournament Szolnok, Hungary 14 - 16.11.2014
Marathon Budapest, Hungary 12.10.2014
Cycling Championship Telford, United Kingdom 11 - 13.9.2014
Running event Bohemia, Czech Republic 5 - 7.9.2014
Golf Team Championship Fredericia, Denmark 1 - 4.9.2014
Six a side football tournament Ronneby, Sweden 21 - 24.8.2014
Nijmegen 4 days marches Nijmegen, Netherlands 15 - 18.7.2014
20km of Brussels Brussels, Belgium 18.5.2014
10th International Table Tennis Tournament Otwock, Poland 15 - 18.5.2014
Ski Customs Championship (Settimana Bianca) Italy 16 - 23.2.2014
European Cross of Customs Cysoing, France 18.10.2013
Marathon Košice, Slovakia 6.10.2013
Running event Cologne, Germany 5.10.2013
Volleyball Tournament Marmaris, Turkey 25 - 26.9.2013
Running event Bohemia, Czech Republic 6 - 8.9.2013
Nijmegen 4 days marches Nijmegen, Netherlands 16 - 19.7.2013
Shooting competition Budapest, Hungary 4 - 7.7.2013
20km of Brussels Brussels, Belgium 26.5.2013
Tenpin bowling Tournament Lappeenranta, Finland 8.2 - 9.2.2013
International Table Tennis Tournament Otwock, Poland 9 - 12.5.2013
Ski Customs Championship (Settimana Bianca) Bormio, Italy 23.2 ‐ 2.3.2013
ECSA basketball tournament Szolnok, Hungary 15 - 18.11.2012
Marathon Košice, Slovakia 7.10.2012
EU Customs and Government Authorities -Run Cologne, Germany 6.10.2012
European Cross of Customs France 1.10.2012
Running event Bohemia, Czech Republic 7 - 9.9.2012
Golf Championship Manchester, United Kingdom 3 - 5.9.2012
Nijmegen 4 days marches Nijmegen, Netherlands 17 - 20.7.2012
Shooting competition Kaunas, Lithuania 10 - 12.7.2012
European Championship of Customs Drug Searching Dogs Wolfsberg, Austria 11 - 15.6.2012
20km of Brussels Brussels, Belgium 27.5.2012
International Table Tennis Tournament Otwock, Poland 17 - 20.5.2012
Six a side football tournament Malta 25 - 26.4.2012
Ski Customs Championship (Settimana Bianca) Trento, Italy 18 - 25.2.2012
EU Customs and Government Authorities -Run Cologne, Germany 15.10.2011
European Cross of Customs Cysoing, France 14.10.2011
Swimming Gala London, United Kingdom 7.10.2011
Volleyball Tournament Helsinki, Finland 29.9 - 2.10.2011
Running event Bohemia, Czech Republic 2 - 4.9.2011
Nijmegen 4 days marches Nijmegen, Netherlands 19 - 22.7.2011
ECSA shooting competition České Budějovice, Czech Republic 27.6.2011
20km of Brussels Brussels, Belgium 29.5.2011
International Table Tennis Tournament Otwock, Poland 5 - 8.5.2011
Tenpin bowling ECSA-Championships Gothenburg, Sweden 16.4.2011
Ski Customs Championship (Settimana Bianca) Trento, Italy 27.2 - 6.3.2011
Marathon Košice, Slovakia 30.10.2010
Running event Bohemia, Czech Republic 3 - 5.9.2010
Nijmegen 4 days marches Nijmegen, Netherlands 20 - 23.7.2010
Shooting competition Police Academy, Netherlands 3.7.2010
Golf Championship Boden, Sweden 16 - 17.6.2010
20km of Brussels Brussels, Belgium 31.5.2010
European Six-a-Side Football Championships Newcastle, United Kingdom 26 - 27.5.2010
International Table Tennis Tournament Otwock, Poland 6 - 9.5.2010
Running event La Ferté Imbault, France 18.3.2010
Ski Customs Championship (Settimana Bianca) Andolo, Italy 28.2 - 7.3.2010
Marathon Budapest, Hungary 4.10.2009
Volleyball tournament Vienna, Austria 1 - 4.10.2009
European Championship of Customs Drug Searching Dogs Latvia 15 - 20.9.2009
Running event Bohemia, Czech Republic 4 - 6.9.2009
Swimming event Helsinki, Finland 28.8.2009
Nijmegen 4 days marches Nijmegen, Netherlands 19 - 25.7.2009
Shooting competition Luxembourg 2 - 3.7.2009
20km of Brussels Brussels, Belgium 31.5.2009
International Table Tennis Tournament Otwock, Poland 13 - 16.5.2009
Ski Customs Championship (Settimana Bianca) Folgarida, Italy 28.2 - 7.3.2009
Marathon Košice, Slovakia 3 - 5.10.2008
Nijmegen 4 days marches Nijmegen, Netherlands 13 - 19.7.2008
European Six-a-Side Football Championships Budapest, Hungary 26 - 29.6.2008
20km of Brussels Brussels, Belgium 25.5.2008
Shooting competition Hungary 23 - 26.5.2008
International Table Tennis Tournament Otwock, Poland 14 - 18.5.2008
Winter Sports Lahti, Finland 28 - 30.3.2008
Ski Customs Championship (Settimana Bianca) Italy 26 - 29.2.2008
Budapest Marathon Budapest, Hungary 30.9.2007
Nijmegen 4 days marches Nijmegen, Netherlands 17 - 20.7.2007



Member State


EC meeting

8 February



Skiing 17 - 24 February Italy


Table Tennis

17 - 19 May Poland Swider 

Mountain biking

17 May

United Kingdom


Running 19 May Belgium


EC meeting 7 June




16 - 29 July



Tenpin bowling

31 August Finland Vantaa

Fitness week

1st week of September All  
Running 6 - 8 September Czech Republic

10K & 1 mile


18 - 20 September France  
Road cycling 20 September United Kingdom



Late Sept / Early Oct Italy / Denmark  


11 October United Kingdom Corby


16 October Slovakia Kosice


November   Host required


Activities in italics are not yet confirmed.



Member State


EC meeting

January / February

Slovakia / Germany


Skiing February / March Italy


Mountain biking

May United Kingdom  

Table Tennis

Mid May



Running May Belgium


EC meeting May/June



Football (six-a-side)

June   Host required





Fitness Week September


Running September Czech Republic

10K & 1 mile


September Finland / Norway  
Road Cycling September  

Host required



Hungary Budapest


October   Host required



Activities in italics are not yet confirmed.




The objectives of the European Customs Sports Association (ECSA) are:

  • To encourage sports and recreation between Customs personnel of European countries;
  • To facilitate friendships and links between sports associations and sports bodies for Customs and associated personnel within European countries;
  • To encourage mutual understanding between Customs officials, strengthen team spirit and build a positive image of Customs.

Events, and thus event organisers, play an essential part in ECSA meeting its objectives. To help you in organising your event we have produced the enclosed stationery pack. If you require any further help please contact your country’s ECSA representative or ECSA President, who is currently Jan Hlinka.

This guide has two purposes. First, it hopes to serve as a guide to people who have no previous experience in organising events. Secondly, it hopes to bring to the attention of organisers the particular ECSA aspects of events, where ECSA status has been granted or an application made.

Guidance Notes

Planning the Competition

To run a successful competition it is essential that you are prepared and organised well in advance. The following points will help you before, during and after the event.


Try to arrange a day and time that will attract the maximum number of entries.

Bear in mind the traditional seasons for your sport and that many potential competitors will be involved in other leagues.

Avoid dates when major events in your sport are being held and also peak times for your administration’s business.

Try to allow enough time for all competitors to get plenty of games. Play round robin when possible, rather than straight knockout; people will have come a long way and will want to play a number of times rather than just once.


Venues should be suitable for your event and, where possible, situated in reasonable proximity to major transport links; you will be more likely to get a good attendance if potential competitors can travel easily and cheaply to your venue. Health & Safety is obviously of paramount importance when considering where to hold your event. Always obtain a copy of the venue’s H&S Risk Assessment and satisfy yourself that it covers all aspects of the event that you will be holding. If unsure about any aspect, liaise with the venue’s H&S Manager and keep your administration and ECSA informed.

ECSA status

This must be sought in writing by 1st August i.e. in good time before the Annual General Meeting. You should present a well-planned business case for the event.


Arrange transport to and from both the accommodation and the venue for participants. Participants must be advised well in advance if they will be picked up from the airport, train station, etc. If they will not, they should be given clear directions as to how to get to their hotel etc.

Booking and funding events

When you have received confirmation that the costings are acceptable and have fixed a date for your event complete Form 2 and send it to the person in charge of bookings at that venue. Keep a copy for yourself.

Make your booking in plenty of time before the event. If exceptional circumstances force cancellation or revised arrangements, let ECSA and the participants know immediately. Remember, competitors will be making their arrangements well in advance.


Let the ECSA President know as soon as arrangements are confirmed. Write out to administration DGs as soon as possible, copying the letter to each country’s ECSA representative. Early notification maximises the chance of a good attendance at the event. If inviting VIPs, make sure to do so well in advance – their diaries are usually booked up months ahead.


You must ensure that adequate insurance is in place. This can be the venue’s insurance (check that it is adequate) or your own insurance. Alternatively, competitors can be asked to arrange their own insurance (in this case, you would need to have procedures in place to check that they have done so).

Before the competition

Use Form 3 to draw up a checklist for yourself. The following points may help:

  1. Confirm the booking of the facilities – Form 2.
  2. Check the booking again before the day to ensure that all your requirements will be available.
  3. As soon as the details of the competition have been confirmed arrange for the publicity and entry forms to be prepared – Form 4.
  4. Book referees or umpires. Check that they are still available nearer the date.
  5. If you require help running the event, contact your administration and/or ECSA. ECSA may know of people in other countries who might be willing to help.
  6. Order the trophies – Form 5.
  7. Ensure that any perpetual trophy is returned in time for the competition.
  8. Arrange for someone to present the trophies – Regional Director/administration DG, ECSA representative.
  9. Prepare the draw sheet.

Posters and website

If you are able to prepare posters advertising the event and send these to potential participant countries, this should help to generate good publicity. Ensure that the full address of the venue is shown on the form. Another idea is to set up a website for the event or better still, user the ECSA website (contact the ECSA president for details).

Entry forms

E-mail entry forms should be sent to ECSA member countries representatives, who will distribute to potential participants.

Entry fees

These should be considered and notified well in advance. Make sure that payment
arrangements are highlighted. Always try to get payments by bank transfer, making it
clear that any costs involved are the responsibility of the person paying.


Arrange for good trophies and medals to be awarded; they make an important
contribution to whether the event lives on in people’s minds afterwards (and thus to
the success of future events). If the same trophy is handed out annually, make sure it
is returned in plenty of time. Special ECSA stickers to add to trophies and also cloth
badges may be obtained from your ECSA representative.

Details of entrants

Forms 6 and 7 if appropriate – should be completed to show details of all those who took part in the competition. These should be kept with your own records so that a database of previous entrants can be built up. Make sure to obtain emergency contact details from all entrants.

On the day

  1. Arrive well before the designated start time so that you can greet the competitors and ensure that all the agreed facilities and equipment are available.
  2. Ensure that late entrants complete an entry form if they have not already done so.
  3. Collect any outstanding entry fees.
  4. Complete the draw sheet.
  5. Explain the format and the rules of the competition. Be prepared to answer any questions.

After the event

Safekeeping of trophies

Some trophies are only kept for a year, before being returned for the next event. If this is the case, you will need to make this clear to the trophy winner(s) and keep a record of who has the trophy and where it will be kept. The winners will need to arrange return of the trophy in good time before the next event. Be sure to send them a reminder in plenty of time.

Event accounts

Make sure that arrangements for the keeping of accounts are clear well in advance. Those responsible for the expenditure of monies should be reminded to keep proper receipts and to submit them promptly. Arrange for the accounts to be independently audited, so that you can clearly demonstrate the financial propriety of your event. Form 8 may help with your accounts.

Organisers’ expenses

Form 10 may be useful for reclaiming expenses.


Most ECSA member countries like to know when any of their members have done well in competitions. Form 11 should be sent to the ECSA representative who will then circulate the results.

Don’t forget to write a report of the event for your administration’s website and for the ECSA website too.

Event evaluation

Was the event a success? Did the participants go home happy? If you can, hand out Event Evaluation sheets to all the participants and collect in as many as possible before the competitors leave.


Forms   Send to
1. Estimates Form   Treasurer
2. Booking confirmation for facilities   Venue
3. Competition planning check list   Keep in your records
4. Publicity details   Publicity person
5. Trophy Order Form   Trophy company
6. Details of entrants   Keep in your records
7. Details of entrants continuation sheet   Keep in your records
8. Statement of Income & Expenditure    Treasurer 
9. Bank Payment details and paying in slip    Treasurer 
10. Organisers Expenses Claim Form    Treasurer 
11. Competition results    ECSA representatives